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4.4. Body Tab in TemplateToaster

The ‘Body Tab’ lets you navigate the options between the body of the template/theme or website design. You can make the change in the body of the design including the background, scrolling, and so on.


The ‘Background’ option lets you apply changes to the background of the template/theme or website design. You can make changes in the background preferences for colour, gradient, or image used in the template/theme design. Given below are the extended background options provided by TemplateToaster:

Color picker

TemplateToaster provides an option as ‘Colour Picker’. You can customize and pick the colour for the background. Here are more details on the Colour Picker Dialogue Box.

Custom Gradient

You can choose from custom gradient options with preferences like angle, colour, and offset options as you want for the ‘body’ of the template/theme design. You can also save the gradients for future use.

Browse Images

Use this option to apply an image to the background of the template design. TemplateToaster offers you an in-built gallery of free images. Moreover, you can also browse custom images.

And not just that you can also edit or modify the browsed images just the way you like. TemplateToaster provides you with an image editor option with a series of editing options. So that you can customize the images right there. For more details check here.


In the ‘Effects’ section you can make changes in the effects and texture of the template design.


  • You can choose this option to apply the texture to the background of the body. 


Under the ‘More’ option you can customize the transparency of the texture by clicking on the ‘More’ option. Here are more details on the same.


This ‘Effects’ option allows you to add effects to the background of the body of the template design.

More –

Next under the ‘More’ section you can customize the transparency of the particular effect you have chosen. Click here to know more. 


Here you can find two different settings to customize the body of the background:


Selecting this option will result in the body background being fixed concerning the viewport.


The scroll type allows the background of the body to scroll along the elements in the browser viewport.

Scroll Up

The ‘Scroll Up’ option lets you show the scroll up button on the top of the website or template. Many scroll up button options are available. You can browse more if needed.

More –

Under the ‘More’ option you can customize the design of the scroll-up button. For more detail on Scroll Button click here.

4.3. General Tab in TemplateToaster

Here in the general tab as you can see in the screenshot you will find the basic options to manage and edit the template/theme/website designs. The options are self-explanatory and very easy to use.


  • This option shows your template designs. You can choose any of the templates from the list and can click on ‘More Templates’ to access more template designs.


When you click on the ‘Scheme’ option a Colour and Typography window will open up. Now you will see various colour schemes. You can choose any colour from the colour scheme palette and also customize one on your own. In the same way, you can also choose font typography which will reflect its effects on the main window content as you hover over the list of typography. Moreover, you can also add a new colour scheme and font typography as needed. In addition, you can also edit the existing schemes. For more details refer to the Choose Colour Scheme & Typography option section.


When you click on the layout the windows shown below will open up. You can choose from the list of options the layout design for the template/theme as No Item, Single Item, Double Item, or Triple Item as needed.


From the Layout group, click on the Sidebars to select the sidebars for the template or website. Sidebars are the vertical columns along the main content area of the website or template. You can also place the widgets/modules/blocks in the sidebars according to your needs.


You can easily switch from one template type to another with a single click on the CMS. For example, you can easily switch from WordPress to Joomla or any other type of CMS platform in just one click.

Add/Edit Page

In WordPress, HTML, and WooCommerce, you can add or edit the page dialogue box that will open. You can click on this option to add/edit any desired page of your template/theme or website design.

Add/Edit PageTemplate

This option lets you add/edit desired page templates with Name and Title, particularly in WordPress. A page template defines what design element surrounds the content of the page ( i.e. header, footer, sidebar, etc.). You can easily add or edit the page template.


Allows you to apply Custom Styles to the theme by apprehending the code in a style.css file.


From the Editors group, you can choose the JavaScript option for your theme that embeds the script in a custom.js file.


Makes it easy to use the PHP editor in a single click that will recognize the written code within the functions.php file.


  •  A website Typography wizard will open up when you click on the ‘Complete’ option. Then you need to select the item where you want to apply the required typography changes as Heading Tags (H1-H6), Texts (i.e. Paragraphs), or Complete. Then you need to select the element from the left panel. You can select between the type of font, font style, font colour, alignment, and effects from the given options present on the right side of the wizard window Click ‘Save’ and apply the changes you have done. For more information, you can check out the Website Typography. 


Favicons are shortcut icons, which is the file that contains one or more small icons, related to a particular website or a web page. You can use the ‘Favicon’ option to apply the favicons to the particular website or web page you are designing. TemplateToaster provides you with a wide collection of pre-designed favicon options from which you can choose the suitable ones. You can also browse the favicon options with click on the ‘More’ option.

Website Preferences

The ‘Website Preferences’ option allows the users to set preferences for the website. Once you click on these options a preferences dialogue box will open from where you can make different settings choices as:

-CSS Prefix

  • With this option, you can add the preferred CSS rule to every matching style tag of a class or ID of the template/theme/website that is exported. 

-Author name

Edits the name of the author to include your name.

-Author URL

This option shows the homepage URL of the theme author.


Displays the licence of the theme you have selected.

-License URL
The option shows the License URL.

4.2. File Menu in TemplateToaster

File Menu refers to the options that you will find in the TemplateToaster software. These options make it easier for you to manage and control the template or theme designs. Let’s talk about the File Menu options in detail here:


The ‘New’ option lets you open a new website or new page for the template.


  • With the ‘Open’ option you can easily access any existing TemplateToaster (.ttr) project. You can also use Ctrl + O shortcut to access this option and open the file. 


The ‘Save’ option lets you save your (.ttr) file. You can also use the Ctrl + S shortcut to save the file. You just frequently save your work by using the short to avoid any accidental loss of data.

Save As

The ‘Save’ option lets you save the TemplateToaster (.ttr) file with another name and at another location. This option allows you to have multiple copies of the same (.ttr) file.


With the ‘Export’ option you can export the template to the installed CMS you are working on (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, etc.). You can export the template as a Zip file or a folder as needed.


  • You can use the ‘Preview’ option to check out the preview of your template/theme in the browser. Else you can also use the shortcut Ctrl + P for the preview. 

Preview RTL

This option helps you get a preview of the template/theme design in RTL format (Right to Left) for languages like Arabic.

  • The ‘Settings’ section helps the users to make a few important changes in the Application and Font settings. When you click on the settings the following window will open up. There are a few options you can adjust based on the requirements.

• Select Your Language

  • TemplateToaster allows you to choose from different languages. You can choose the language you want to work with. There are many language options like English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and more. 

• Show export information dialog

  • If you want to view the export template dialogue box then you must tick this option. By default, this option will be checked. 

• Use hardware graphics acceleration if available

  •  Untick this option if your software is running very slow. Sometimes this can be because of poor graphic drivers.

• Edition

  • Here you can check the TemplateToaster version/edition you chose at the time of installation. You can choose between ‘Standard Edition’ and ‘Professional Edition’. The standard edition allows you to create templates but with limited features. It is a good option if you are a beginner. The professional edition offers you a lot of features and advanced functionalities that enhance productivity while working with huge and complex websites. You can use the professional edition to use the extended features of TemplateToaster.

• Web Safe Fonts

  • The Operating System has a pre-installed set of fonts. Therefore a user cannot see the fonts of a particular system on another. However, there are a few fonts that are available and can be viewed on all types of Operating Systems. These fonts are called ‘Web Safe Fonts’ and are recommended to use by designers. By ticking this option, you can make use of web-safe fonts. 

• System Fonts

If you select this option then you can use any font that is supported by Windows.

• Enable Font Service

  • If this option is checked, the font cache will be maintained. 

• Clear Font Cache

This option is used to clear the old font cache.


This option will redirect you to the online tutorial of CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many others that are supported by TemplateToaster.


This option lets the user enter the activation code in the input field while activating the TemplateToaster software.


Let you know about the latest update available for TemplateToaster.


Displays your licence information like the Version, Mode, Activation Key, etc.

4.1. Quick Access Toolbar

As the name suggests the Quick Access Toolbar allows you to complete the tasks that are frequently required by the users. These options make designing the template quick and easy. These options include undo, redo, save, open, preview, and export.


This option removes all the changes that you have made in your currency working session.


This option restores the changes that have occurred since the last undo.


The option lets you save the changes that you have made using the TemplateToaster theme/template/website under the (.ttr) file extension. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + S to save the file menu.


 It allows you to open an existing (.ttr) file on the system. The Open option is a shortcut to the Open Tab in the File menu. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + O.


As the name suggests, the Preview option allows you to have a preview of the current theme/template/website in the browser window. The preview option also lets you select the browser you want to use for the preview by clicking on the small drop-down arrow.


This option allows the users to easily export the theme/template/website design they have designed using the TemplateToaster software. Find detailed information on how to export template design using TemplateToaster here.

4. Design Your Template

With TemplateToaster you can explore hundreds of free template designs and create a website of your own. Moreover, it is pretty straightforward to design your template thanks to the seamless functionalities and amazing set of features. Also, using these premade template designs not just saves you time, and gives dimension to your brand. But also create a visual presence for your business. In addition, you can use premade template designs from our collection or create a custom template/theme for future use. Besides, you can edit or modify these templates at any given time.


For designing templates/themes there are different options provided by TemplateToaster. These options include:

Quick Access Toolbar

File Menu

General Tab

Body Tab

Container Tab

Header Tab

Slideshow Tab

Menu Tab

Sidebar Tab


Sidebar Menu

Content Tab

Footer Tab

Widget Areas Tab

Elements Tab

Editor Tab

Format Tab in TemplateToaster

Dialog Boxes