If you are planning to create a new project with TemplateToaster, then do not worry as it is very easy and quick to start with. Even if you are a beginner and have no knowledge of how to code a website and have zero coding skills. You can still create a web design with this web builder. There are two ways to start creating a new project. To Create a New Project in TemplateToaster, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Select Desired CMSChoose the CMS you want to work with. This is how you will start to create a new theme/template.

Start theme/template From Scratch or Select Sample TemplatesYou can custom design your new theme from the scratch and create beautiful designs just the way you want your web design to look from the start to the end. Else, you can also select the ‘Go With Sample Templates’ option. Each sample template is strategically designed based on different kinds of industries in the business. So you can choose the sample template that goes best with your theme and design ideas. 

Choose Color Scheme & Typography optionsSelect the colour scheme that matches your idea and perception of the new design theme. You can also select the typography you want for your new project design.

Main Interface of the SoftwareUnder this section, you will find the main interface of TemplateToaster software, after the installation and activation of the software is complete.