This Format Tab will open when the user Double Click the Designer text in the Footer section. It includes various options to style the Designed By element of the footer as follows :

1 Left Alignment

Avails the user to set the X coordinate of the Designed By element from Left side.

It also provides the direct positioning of the element in three available ways as shown above.
Horizontal Left
Horizontal Center
Horizontal Right

2 Top Alignment

Specifies the Y coordinate of the element by taking Top as origin.

It also provides three available positions to set the element directly as shown above.
Vertical Top
Vertical Center
Vertical Bottom

3 Link Typography

Defines the typography of the Designed by Link by specifying the Style, Font Size, Color, Text Decoration, and much more.

4 Text Typography

Customizes the Designed by Text by specifying the Font Family, Color, Effects, Text Decoration, and much more.

5 Link Preferences

Facilitates you to specify the Footer Link of the page that you want to open when a user click on this Designed by element .Besides this, you can also specify that the link will open in the same window or should use the New window in Footer OpenIn field.

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