With TemplateToaster you can explore hundreds of free template designs and create a website of your own. Moreover, it is pretty straightforward to design your template thanks to the seamless functionalities and amazing set of features. Also, using these premade template designs not just saves you time, and gives dimension to your brand. But also create a visual presence for your business. In addition, you can use premade template designs from our collection or create a custom template/theme for future use. Besides, you can edit or modify these templates at any given time.


For designing templates/themes there are different options provided by TemplateToaster. These options include:

Quick Access Toolbar

File Menu

General Tab

Body Tab

Container Tab

Header Tab

Slideshow Tab

Menu Tab

Sidebar Tab


Sidebar Menu

Content Tab

Footer Tab

Widget Areas Tab

Elements Tab

Editor Tab

Format Tab in TemplateToaster

Dialog Boxes

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