Background Applies a preferred color, gradient, or image to the body background of your template or website. TemplateToaster features the following extended background options:

Color picker

TemplateToaster gives you a color picker to choose a color for the background. Here is the full description, for your reference.

Custom Gradient

You can create custom gradients with a preferred angle, color and offset choices for template body. You can save the gradients as well. For more information about creating and saving the custom gradients, see this.

Browse Images

You can apply an image to the background of the template body. TemplateToaster offers an inbuilt gallery of free images. You can browse your custom images too.

You can even edit the browsed images. TemplateToaster provides an image editor with a dozen of edit options to customize the browsed images. For detailed information, see this.


In Effects Group, you can make Texture and Effects settings.


To apply the texture to the background of the body.


You can customize the transparency of texture by clicking “More”. Here are the more details about texture.


Use this to apply the effects to the body background.

More –

You can customize the transparency of the effect by clicking “More”. Here are the details.


Avails you with two different settings for the body background as:


Choosing the Fixed type, the body background will remain fixed with respect to browser viewport.


Choosing scroll type, the body background will scroll along the elements in browser viewport.

Scroll Up

Shows a scroll up button on the template or website. Many preset designs of scroll up button are available, even you can browse more if required.

More –

To customize the design of scroll up button. For more details about customizing the Scroll Up button, click here.

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