1 Presets

You can choose the style of Scroll Up button from the list of Presets.

2 Preview

It shows you the preview of the button.

3 Save

Applies the Scroll Up on your template/website.

4 Cancel

Cancels the changes and closes the dialog box.

5 Color Tab

Shows you the color options.

6 Gradient Tab

Displays the gradient options. To know more about gradients, see this.

7 Background Tab

Includes options for the Color Tab and the Gradient Tab for customizing the background of Scroll Up button.

8 Border Tab

Contains the options for designing the border. See this to know the border designing options.

9 Arrow Background Tab

Gives various color options for the button’s arrow.

10 Arrow Border Tab

Provides you the color options for the border and gives an option to change its thickness too.

11 Layout Tab

Modifies the height and width of the Scroll Up button.

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