TemplateToaster also provides a preview and export theme/template option. This is again a good option in a website builder as you can preview the design as it is. See the changes, modify the details, and see how it looks on the browser before exporting the theme or template design. Once you are good to go with the template/theme design you can export the final results. 

Here are the two ways to preview and export the theme/template design:

1) Quick Access Toolbar: Choose the preview option from Quick Access Toolbar where you can also choose the desired browser option.

2) File Menu : Select File Menu –> Preview .

– Export a Theme/Template: Now you can easily export your theme/template design in WordPress, simply by clicking on the button and in the same position. You will then find the export option for the CMS you are currently working on.

2. After clicking the Export button you will get a screen as shown below:

1 Folder / Zip

Next, you will find the option to export the theme/template in the form of a folder or zip file. So you can choose accordingly, whether you want the file zipped or in folder form.

2 Right to left language support

  • So if you want the theme to support the right to the left language then you simply need to check the checkbox of the ‘right to left language support option. 

3 Folder Name / Path

After this, you need to choose the folder name and pathway.

4 Content

This check box facilitates you to export the template with/without content. In case you check it, the template will be exported with content.

5 Click Export

Then click on the ‘Export’ option to export the theme safely.

3. The TemplateToaster software allows you to export your theme/template designs for different CMSs. You will find ten different Content Management System options to choose from. Make sure to select the desired CMS platform to export the template/theme design for the desired CMS similarly as mentioned above for WordPress.

Lastly, if you have any questions or need help in any step connect to us anytime through Support.