1. Layout

Layout option provides you various placement options for Sidebar. You can choose the preferred one from given layout choices.

2. Background

Avails you to choose a preferred color, gradient, or image to apply to the sidebar background. TemplateToaster features the following extended background options –

Color picker-
TemplateToaster gives you a color picker to choose a background color. Here is the full description.

Custom Gradient-
You can create custom gradients with a preferred angle, color, and offset choices. You can save the gradients as well. See this for more information about creating and saving custom gradients.

Browse Images-
You can apply an image in the background of the sidebar(s). TemplateToaster has an inbuilt stock of free images. You can also browse your custom images.

You can even edit the browsed image(s). TemplateToaster provides an image editor with a dozen of editing options to customize the browsed images. For details, see this.

3. Border

Customizes the border of the sidebar (s) by specifying Style, Thickness, Radius and Color .

More –
Click “More” for more border customization options. See this for details.

4. Width

Changes the width of the sidebar(s).

Note: You can set the custom width in pixels if you have chosen Fixed width layout for your template/website. Otherwise, if you with Fluid width layout, you can set custom width in percentage.

More –
You can specify custom width clicking “More”.

5. Margin

On clicking this option, you can set the margin of the sidebar(s) for all sides (i.e. top, bottom, left and right).

More –
You can specify the custom margins using “More”.

6. Padding

Specifies the padding of the sidebar(s) from all the sides i.e. top, bottom, left and right. Padding specifies the white space ( or distance) between the content and the border of the element.

More –
You can specify custom padding with “More”.

7. Texture

Applies a texture to the sidebar background.

You can customize the transparency of texture using “More”. Click Here for more details.

8. Effects

To apply an effect to the sidebar background.

More –
You can also customize the transparency of the effect with help of “More”. Click Here for more details.

9. Shadow

To apply a shadow effect to the sidebar background.

Customizes the color, angle, blur, and distance of the shadow effect. Click Here for more details.

10. 100% Height

100% height specifies that the height of the sidebar will be equal to the content height.

11. Equal To Content

Equal to content means that the height of the sidebar will be equal to sidebar’s content (Widgets, Modules etc.).

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