Q1. Is the exported WordPress theme compatible with plugins?
Ans. TemplateToaster export standard code as per WordPress guidelines and the exported WordPress themes shoulld work with all standard plugins. We have tested for compatibility with many popular WordPress plugins like WPML, W3Cache, Yoast etc.

Q2. Is the Exported theme compatible with Woocommerce plugin and BBpress?
Ans. Yes, the Exported theme is compatible with both Woocommerce plugin and BBpress. In case of generating a Woocommerce compatible theme the user is required to check the Woocommerce compatible option while exporting the template.

Q3. Can I Move TemplateToaster From One Computer to Another?
Ans. Yes, simply deactivate TemplateToaster from current computer, install it on a new computer and you’ll be able to activate it again using your purchased license key.

Q4. Can I sell the templates or themes created with TemplateToaster?
Ans. Sure, you can sell the exported templates to desired number of persons.

Q5. How Many Browsers TemplateToaster support?
Ans. It supports all the major browsers including but not limited to Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc. It should also work on all browsers on smartphones and tablets.

Q6. Do you impose any restriction in Trial Version?
Ans. Trial version adds trial watermarks all over the exported templates and you can not save your projects as .ttr file for future editing. However, you can export the templates to install on your CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc.

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