Once you have created the project, and it has been activated, TemplateToaster allows you to save the project for further use as well. So you can modify or edit the project later on. Here are the ways you can follow to save the project:

Save Button

  • Once you are done with the designing of the theme or template you can save the project simply by clicking on the ‘save button’ on the top of the menu screen. 


You can also save the theme/template design simply by clicking on the ‘save’ option in the File menu.

Save As

You can select the ‘Save As’ option from the File menu itself if you want to change the location where the project will be saved. Or to create a new copy of it.

Close Button

Once you have saved the theme/template design simply click on the close button. Now you can use the same theme/template design in the future and modify it. To know more do check the Opening Project section.