This screen option will appear on the main window as default. So you can select the colour scheme and typography for your project in advance. And in case you want to change the colour scheme and typography later, you can also do it.

Simply, select the General Tab > Scheme.

TemplateToaster allows you to modify the colour scheme or text style anytime while designing using the software. Let’s talk more about this here:


Now you can give your design a beautiful look with more than hundreds of pre-installed colour schemes based on Bootstrap. You can easily scroll down to see the list of colours and choose the suitable ones for your design. 


You can find many typography options to design the text and font style of your website. The typography options include Font Size, Font Family, and line of height. You can specify the font size and line height in the given boxes. Else you can also choose the default values.


If you want to customise your colour scheme then you can do so. Simply click on the (+) option, which you can find under the colour scheme list. When you click on the (+) option ‘More Schemes’ dialogue box will open up. Here you can choose between Primary, Secondary, Success, Infor, Danger, and Warning colours, and give specific names to them. For more details on this check out the ‘More Schemes’ section.


You can also add desired font style for your custom theme designs. For this simply click on the (+) option under the typography list. A new dialogue option will open up. In this custom fonts dialogue box, you can find a huge collection of fonts which can also browse from Google Web Fonts, Custom Fonts, and System Fonts. Thus you can simply add any font to the typography list as you need to custom design themes. For more details, check out the custom font dialogue section.

Font Size

In this option, you can customize the font size. Thus you can customize the required font size for the selected typography. You can also go with the default font size which is 14.

Line Height

The line height is a CSS property that sets the height of the line box. Mostly it is used to set the distance between lines of text. Thus you can use this option to specify the line height where the default value of the height is 1.42. You can customize it as needed.