You can use this option to create a new custom typography scheme.  By using the Custom fonts dialog box you can easily create a new custom typography scheme as you want.

1 Google Web Font

Use this to display a drop- down list of the Google web fonts that can be used on web pages without any crash limitation. You can select any of these.


You can also browse more fonts by clicking on the Browse button. A window will open as shown below:

From here you can directly move to the Google fonts website to choose your preferred web font. And enter the name of the selected font in the given text box and choose script type. Lastly you need to Save it. It will be added to the Google web fonts list of TemplateToaster.

2 Custom Fonts
It is a drop-down list of custom fonts and you can select any preferred font of your choice. You can even browse your own custom fonts by using the Browse button that will help you find the required file that you want to upload. And it will be added to the current list of fonts.

3 System Fonts

This shows a drop- down list of primary fonts that are available with the operating system. You can choose any font as you need.

4 Add Font
Use this option to add your selected font style to the main typography list.

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