This dialog box brings all the typography options at one place. You can change the text styles of individual elements.

1 Selection Radio Button

Facilitates you to make a selection for the element you want to define the typography. If you choose —
Complete – You can customize the typography for any element from the list given in the extreme left of the window.
Headings- It will let you to specify the typography of headings only while making the list of elements inactive.
Text- It will allow you to define the styling of text only.

2 List of Elements

From this list, choose the element whose text style you want to change.

3 Google Web Fonts

From this list, you can select any Google font for your website. To browse more fonts online, Click “Google Fonts” button.

4 Custom Fonts

This is the list of custom fonts, you can select a font from this list. Click ” Browse” button to browse more custom fonts.

5 System Fonts

If you want to use a system font for your website, you can select a preferred font from this list.

6 List of Font Styles

You can choose a preferred style for chosen font from this list..

7 Font Size Options

From this list, you can choose suitable size of the font.

8 Change Font Color

You can choose a suitable color of the text with this tool.

9 Alignment

Modifies the alignment of the text. According to the need of your template/website, you can set the alignment of the text.

10 Margin

Specifies the margin of the text.

11 Select Font Effect

To choose an underline or strike through style for the text.

12 Text Preview

You can preview the text style from here.

13 Save

Applies the text styles.

14 Cancel

Cancels the changes and closes the dialog box.

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