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 File Menu


1. Save
You can use the Save and Save As commands to store your project on your computer as .ttr project file for future modification. You should save the file frequently while you are working on it to avoid losing data because of an unexpected power failure or other problem. Use keyboard shortcut  (Crtl+s) to save your project.

Save As

2. Save As
You can use the Save As command to save your project with another name.


3. Open
To open an exisitng project file(.ttr) use this option, else you can use (Ctrl+o) keyboard shortcut to open a file.


4. Export
Export option is to export the template/theme to install on your CMS(like Joomla Wordpress etc.). User can export any template/theme/website type into Zip file or in folder.
Template/Theme or Website if exported while using the TemplateToaster in trial mode will have watermarkesall over it.


5. New
To start with new project, use (Ctrl+n) or the New option from menu.


6. Preview
To preview your template/theme/website in browser, use (Ctrl+p) as a keyboard shortcut or select Preview command.

Preview RTL

7. Preview RTL
To preview your template/theme/website in RTL format(for Right to Left languages like arabic).


8. Preference
Applications Settings :
  - Select Your Language
Choose the language in which your are comfortable to work in TemplateToaster.
- Show export information dialog
Check this option if you want to view the installation instruction of template/theme/website type after every export. This is optional.
- Use hardware graphics acceleration if available
Uncheck this option if your application is running too slow. This could be due to bad graphics drivers.
Proxy Settings :
- Select Your Proxy Type :
Select the proxy type to configure the setting of FTP and internet connection.  Proxy type setting is an optional requirement.
Page Width:
Set the maximum and minimum page width of your template/theme/website.This option will works only when you are working with Fluidic designs.
It displays the type of TemplateToaster Edition you choose at the time of Installation. Standard Edition allows you to create templates. But some productivity boost features are locked in the Standard Edition mode.
Professional Edition enables advanced functions that boost productivity when working with large and complex websites. By using the Professional Edition you will be able to use all the features of TemplateToaster.
CSS Prefix:
This option add desired css prefix to every class and ID of the exported template/theme/site.
Author name:
Edit the name of author to include your name.
Author URL:
It is useful to display the homepage url of theme author(used in Wordpress).
This option is for Wordpress themes. Using this option you can provide the license for your theme.
License Uri:
This option is for Wordpress themes. It is used to provide Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) for the license.
Theme Uri:
This option is for Wordpress themes. Theme URI, if used, is required to link to a page specifically related to the Theme. If a demonstration site or page is being used, the content must be related to the theme itself. Use this option to provide Theme Uri for your users.
Theme Version:
You can provide the version of your theme.
Meta Description/ Meta Keywords:
Meta description is HTML attributes that provide concise explanation of the content of web pages. Meta description is commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page.
Edit the text and enter the title of your website that you want to display on browser.
Footer Links:
Insert the link that you want to display in your website footer.
Content Image:
This option is useful in case you want to display the image in post. Browse the image from your location and click on button Apply.
Custom Css:
Add your own custom CSS that you want to include in the exported theme/tempalte/website.
This option is useful for inserting the script in the header part of the tempalte. For example you can add Google tracking code using this option.
Favicons ar also known as shortcut icon, Website icon , URL icon or bookmark icons. Select the favicons from gallery or browse the icon by clicking on More button according to your requirement.


9. FTP
FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload your theme/template or website to your hosting server.


10. Help
Help option will redirect you to the online tutorial of Wordpress, Joomla , Drupal, etc. Use Contact Support to write any queries/suggestion regarding TemplateToaster.


11. Activation
Enter the activation key in input field to activate the software.


12. Updates
Update option will  show you the latest updates of software.